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Book Review: Child of Fire

By Stanley Gray / July 28, 2018

Ray Lily possesses a checkered past. As an ex-felon with a dark side, it seems he presents an unlikely hero. Yet, in Child of Fire, he may be the only hero readers will get. Working for a powerful sorcerer, Ray discovers himself immersed in a mind-blowing suicide mission. His employer, Analise Powliss, holds a high […]


State’s Urban Legends: Oregon

By Stanley Gray / July 11, 2018

Urban fantasy offers readers a chance to mix magic with reality. It is perhaps this blend of authenticity and fantasy that continues to draw new fans into the fold. But, what about the magical myths that provide inspiration and entertainment in the pages of real histories? It seems that they, too, help drive people to explore. […]


Great Urban Fantasy Books

By Stanley Gray / July 7, 2018

What makes a book great? That question has plagued many intellectuals and avid readers alike over the years, and remains largely unanswered. Greatness is subjective, yes. But, there is something arcane and elusive about being elevated through a consensus of your peers into a pantheon of writers impervious to the normal effects of time and […]


Book Review: The Sorcerer Heir

By Jemma Jablowski / June 30, 2018

So as I read through this book, The Sorcerer Heir, my reoccurring thought was, “FINALLY!” Finally these characters are having this conversation. Finally they are discovering the answers to SO many questions. Finally we’re getting somewhere. If you’ve read my review for The Enchanter Heir, you will know that the book ended a bit abruptly […]


All Star Comic Con

By Hawkings Austin / June 28, 2018

Steampunk Iron Man photo by Lea Sanders All Star Comic con was held June 15, 16, and 17th, and it was a real blast. It was held in a Sheraton in Tyson’s Corner – which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Here is a random fan doing a non-Urban Fantasy costume. There were a ton […]


Movie Review: Big Trouble In Little China

By Richard Paolinelli / June 25, 2018

Since Stanley Gray stepped in to take care of Massachusetts today in our tour of urban legends in the 50 U.S. states, I decided to review an urban fantasy movie. Big Trouble In Little China is a cult urban fantasy classic. “Ok, Paolinelli,” you are probably exclaiming at this point, “you’ve finally lost it. How […]


iZombie Season One Review

By Morgon Newquist / June 22, 2018

I’m currently out-of-town visiting family and have found myself with several hours of free time in the evenings. My plans for rewatching Babylon Five were dashed by the inability to get Prime on the tv’s streaming, so I needed something else. A quick scan through Netflix and I found iZombie. I’d seen some of the […]


Book Review: The Enchanter Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

By Jemma Jablowski / June 9, 2018

After thoroughly enjoying the first three books in the Heir Chronicles series, I was eager to jump into this one. I enjoy the magical world that Chima has built and I wanted to spend some more time in small-town Trinity, OH. This book… well… it left me with some mixed feelings. It has an entirely […]


Book Review: The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

By Jemma Jablowski / May 31, 2018

So I have now re-read all of the books in this series that I have read thus far. I finished The Dragon Heir over the Memorial Day weekend. (Shout out to my Mom who snuggled with my baby while I indulged in reading a book by myself.) This was a fast paced war story. All […]


Vampires Suck

By Daniel Humphreys / May 30, 2018

Yes, I know, I’m stealing the title from a 2010 movie. As bad as that movie might have been (I have no desire to subject myself to that torture), the title is on point. Now, I don’t regard all vampire appearances in entertainment as awful. But who can resist the doubly-fun hyperbole of ‘Vampires Suck’? Lest […]

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