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Movie Review: The Crow

By Stanley Gray / August 20, 2018

In a fit of nostalgia, I recently watched The Crow. In this cult classic, a rock star is awakened from the dead to avenge his own death. Eric Draven, the protagonist in this movie, is also fueled by the rape of his former fiancée. The Crow Is Born One fateful October Detroit night saw the […]


Movie Review: Hellboy 2

By Stanley Gray / August 18, 2018

The Prince is back. And he wants revenge. No, this isn’t some Nigerian scam. This is one man’s critique of Hellboy 2, a mid-2000’s sequel to the cult classic eponymous movie, Hellboy. Often cinematically considered as one of the standards for urban fantasy, this franchise raked in barges full of cash on its way to […]


Movie Review: Big Trouble In Little China

By Richard Paolinelli / June 25, 2018

Since Stanley Gray stepped in to take care of Massachusetts today in our tour of urban legends in the 50 U.S. states, I decided to review an urban fantasy movie. Big Trouble In Little China is a cult urban fantasy classic. “Ok, Paolinelli,” you are probably exclaiming at this point, “you’ve finally lost it. How […]


Bright Review

By Morgon Newquist / June 7, 2018

So I’m late to the Bright party, but I did finally watch it. I saw a lot of mixed reviews on Bright when it came out. I’ll admit to being a little hesitant about it when I sat down to watch it with my husband. But armed with some awesome sushi take-out and uninterested in […]


Movie Review: Deadpool

By Hawkings Austin / June 4, 2018

Deadpool is a lot of fun to watch. As I’ve said before, Superheroes are the epitome of Urban Fantasy. You have magical powers, fight villains, and save the world. Deadpool 1 was a bit of a genre breaker in that it was essentially a ‘revenge flick’ where the protagonist kills everyone between himself and the […]


At The Movies: Monster Mash

By Richard Paolinelli / May 19, 2018

We’ve talked about some of the specific monster movies and their origins here. The vampire and the lycan. We’ll look at the mummy, zombies and a few others soon. But I wanted to take a look at the movies that mixed up the creatures of urban fantasy lore and see which ones combined our favorite […]


Movie Review: Hellboy

By Stanley Gray / May 15, 2018

In Hellboy, Nazis try to open a gateway to a paranormal reality in an effort to beat the allies. However, they fail. In the end, they only succeed in creating an infant demon who is subsequently rescued by the allies. This demon is named Hellboy. He becomes the protagonist of this fun movie. A 2004 […]


Movie Review: The Curse Of The Werewolf

By Richard Paolinelli / May 14, 2018

Hammer Films cranked out a host of ghoulishly wonderful features sure to satisfy in full Technicolor horror. In 1961, Hammer released Curse of the Werewolf starring Oliver Reed and it was surprisingly good. In the film, Reed plays a tormented young man, his birth the result of his mother being raped. This, and his birth falling […]


Movie Review: Wolf (1994)

By Richard Paolinelli / May 12, 2018

In 1994 the film Wolf hit the theaters to mixed reviews. For those expecting to see a standard blood and gore fest, they were disappointed. What Wolf was instead was less a man battling against an inner monster. Instead, it was a man watching everything in his life slipping away – his career, his wife […]


Movie Review: The Wolfman (The 2010 remake)

By Richard Paolinelli / May 11, 2018

Seventy years after originally launching the werewolf franchise, Universal Studios released a remake of the 1941 classic, The Wolfman. The major characters were still there. Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro – who is definitely not Antonio Banderas), Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins) and Gwen Conliffe (Emily Brunt). But there are some new characters introduced that make […]

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