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Five Young Adult Urban Fantasy Series To Read

By Morgon Newquist / April 7, 2018

Today we’re going to genre cross a little bit – in list form! I’ve compiled a short list of five Urban Fantasy series that are also Young Adult books. Hopefully down the road we can collect reviews on them all. But for today I thought I would help make your reading list just a little […]


Review: Escape With This Superhero Story

By Hawkings Austin / April 6, 2018

I love Urban Fantasy and superhero stories are, while a separate genre from the usual vampires and werewolves, still great escapist fiction. It is always fun to imagine yourself saving the world. In superhero fiction, the villains stand in plain sight, usually in brightly colored leotards, and the solutions, outside of the death traps, remain […]


CURSED CITY By William Massa

By Russell Newquist / April 2, 2018

As I prepared to publish and market my latest novel, War Demons, I set out in search of other, similar novels. Cursed City by William Massa quickly rose quickly to the top of my list. It turns out that male leads represent an endangered species in urban fantasy novels. Many of the books sold in […]

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