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Russell Newquist

Russell Newquist is the author of the supernatural thrillers War Demons and Vigil. He holds a fourth degree black belt in Shin Nagare Karate, owns and operates Spirit Made Steel Martial Arts in Madison, Alabama, and works a day job as a software engineer.


Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge – Book Review

By Russell Newquist / April 18, 2018

I held off on buying Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge for quite some time. It came out back in August, just as I was settling into the homeward stretch on War Demons. So I made myself wait. I promised myself that I would read it when I finished my own novel, as a reward. When I […]


Obsidian Son book review

By Russell Newquist / April 14, 2018

I’m angry at Shayne Silvers over Obsidian Son, book one of The Temple Chronicles. I’m angry because I spent a night reading this book when I should have been working. I have too much of my own writing to do to go down this rabbit hole. Still, I greatly enjoyed Obsidian Son. First of all, […]


CURSED CITY By William Massa

By Russell Newquist / April 2, 2018

As I prepared to publish and market my latest novel, War Demons, I set out in search of other, similar novels. Cursed City by William Massa quickly rose quickly to the top of my list. It turns out that male leads represent an endangered species in urban fantasy novels. Many of the books sold in […]