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State’s Urban Legends: Colorado

By Richard Paolinelli / June 10, 2018

They call it the Centennial State, among other things. Colorado is also home to the Rockies – the mountains and my favorite baseball team – Pike’s Peak and lots more. But it is also home to a few spine-tingling urban legends, including one that hangs out in the same hotel that inspired a book and […]


State’s Urban Legends: California

By Richard Paolinelli / June 8, 2018

I was born in California. You want weird? You go to California. You want some great urban legends? Yeah, the Golden State has a few of them too. (No, I am not one of them either.)   California’s A-List Haunted Hotel If you weren’t old enough – or fortunate enough – to have met Marilyn […]


State’s Urban Legends: Arkansas

By Richard Paolinelli / June 6, 2018

If we haven’t scared you away just yet, let us head eastward and see what other urban legends we might encounter. Today, with Arizona far in our rear-view mirror, we arrive in Arkansas. The Gurdon Light South of Little Rock lies the small town of Gurdon. If you are feeling somewhat adventurous hang out near the […]


State’s Urban Legends: Arizona

By Richard Paolinelli / June 3, 2018

Like Alaska, Arizona only has three or four cities that qualify as urban. The rest of the state is as barren as Alaska. Only drier. And much warmer. Still, Arizona has a few interesting offerings, especially up in the northeastern corner of the state where the Navajo Reservation lies.   Skinwalkers There are many Navajo […]


State’s Urban Legends: Alaska

By Richard Paolinelli / June 2, 2018

You don’t often associate Alaska with anything urban. The 49th state of the Union is pretty wide open and wild territory for the most part. But it does have some pretty interesting urban legends. So today, we look at Alaska.   The Bushman Based on Inuit legends of creatures called “Tornits” the Bushman is Alaska’s […]


In Every State, Legend Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

By Richard Paolinelli / June 1, 2018

Over the past few months we’ve been examining some of the best stories in urban fantasy. We’ve reviewed some great books, movies and TV shows. They have all told fascinating – and oftentimes frightening – tales. But sometimes true legend is stranger – and more entertaining – than fiction. And the 50 states that make […]


Genre Debate: What Is U-F?

By Richard Paolinelli / May 26, 2018

We’ve been talking about the Urban Fantasy genre for a couple of months now. We’ve defined it somewhat but I wouldn’t go so far as to say we have completely carved out what is and is not U-F just yet. For example, yesterday I talked about the movie, Winchester, as well as the house and […]


Winchester: The Legend, The Movie and The Truth

By Richard Paolinelli / May 24, 2018

Here’s a challenge for you. Travel to San Jose, California. Once there, Google to see what one can do there to kill some time or have some fun. One of the places of interest will be the Winchester Mystery House. You probably have already heard all about the place. Built by a crazy heiress of […]


At The Movies: Monster Mash

By Richard Paolinelli / May 19, 2018

We’ve talked about some of the specific monster movies and their origins here. The vampire and the lycan. We’ll look at the mummy, zombies and a few others soon. But I wanted to take a look at the movies that mixed up the creatures of urban fantasy lore and see which ones combined our favorite […]


Urban Fantasy Legends: Who Played The Wolfman Best?

By Richard Paolinelli / May 18, 2018

Recently we’ve examined the lycans in literature and cinema. There really is just one last, but most important, question to ask: Who portrayed the Wolfman the best? Lon Chaney Jr. started things off in 1941 original, Oliver Reed’s first role as the lead actor followed two decades later and Benicio Del Toro’s turn in 2010 was […]

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