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State’s Urban Legends: Oklahoma

By Richard Paolinelli / July 10, 2018

I was just in Oklahoma last month and you want to talk about a spooky urban legend? Stuckey’s. If your family ever did a long-distance road trip back in the 1960-1980s you’ve stopped in one at least once. Pecan logs and hamburgers going three for a dollar. That and a whole bunch of keepsakes that […]


State’s Urban Legends: Ohio

By Richard Paolinelli / July 9, 2018

Ohio is called the Buckeye State. They’ve had their fair share of famous residents – my personal favorite is Jack Nicklaus, but I’m kind of old school that way. A couple of football championships. Your standard fare for any of the 50 states. But Ohio has some very fascinating urban legends. Starting with a town […]


State’s Urban Legends: North Dakota

By Richard Paolinelli / July 8, 2018

I used to live in North Dakota. The first house we moved into there was an old farmhouse about three miles east of Steele. There was a storm cellar below the house that could only be accessed from the outside, through a pair of wooden doors in front of the house. There was something about that […]


State’s Urban Legends: North Carolina

By Richard Paolinelli / July 7, 2018

The explanation for why North Carolina is called “The Tar Heel State” is mundane. Tar used to be a major export and those that had to work to produce it almost always wound up with the sticky goo on their feet. The urban legends that call the state home are anything but mundane. They will stick […]


State’s Urban Legends: New York

By Richard Paolinelli / July 6, 2018

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a classic spooky tale set in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Sleepy Hollow today has been all but swallowed up by New York City so there are no more Headless Horsemen riding about throwing flaming pumpkins at people. But the Empire State still has some pretty good legends to scare […]


State’s Urban Legends: New Mexico

By Richard Paolinelli / July 5, 2018

They call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. It has its share of urban legends and not all of them are all that enchanting. Chupacabra It seems every state in the southwest – and the northern areas of Mexico – have a chupacabra roaming about. It’s a rabid beast, ranging in size from a large […]


State’s Urban Legends: New Jersey

By Richard Paolinelli / July 4, 2018

First, Happy Birthday, America! New Jersey was one of the original thirteen colonies that pulled off Brexit 1776 (sorry British friends). It also has some pretty revolutionary urban legends. Let’s check them out! Ghost Boy of Clinton Road There is a bridge in Passaic County in the northern part of the state and it has […]


State’s Urban Legends: New Hampshire

By Richard Paolinelli / July 3, 2018

We head back to the northeast and New Hampshire. As part of New England it is one of the oldest areas populated by European settlers and it also has some really scary legends. Mount Chocorua The place was named after Chocorua, an 18th Century Native American Chief. One day, so goes the legend, the Chief, […]


State’s Urban Legends: Nevada

By Richard Paolinelli / July 2, 2018

Nevada doesn’t have much to offer for urban settings once you get outside of Las Vegas or the Reno-Taho-Carson City triangle. So when it comes to legends, we find ourselves down in the southern point of Nevada. So many men were buried alive when they poured the concrete for Hoover Dam you have to figure there’s […]


State’s Urban Legends: Nebraska

By Richard Paolinelli / July 1, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. Having just moved to Nebraska less than two months ago, I’m eager to find out exactly what I’ve gotten myself into here. Or is this a case of ignorance being bliss? Seven Sisters Road We read about a dark, creepy road just yesterday in Montana. The […]

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