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State’s Urban Legends: West Virginia

By Richard Paolinelli / July 22, 2018

John Denver sang about the country roads of West Virginia. Funny, he never mentioned some of these things you’ll find along those country roads… Mothman of West Virginia Okay, let’s deal with the elephant in the room right off the bat – or the half-moth, half-man in the room at the very least. You’ve seen […]


State’s Urban Legends: Washington

By Richard Paolinelli / July 21, 2018

The state of Washington was so-named in honor of the father of the United States of America. So it seems only fitting that it would be apparent home to the granddaddy of all of the urban legends. Bigfoot He’s been spotted all over North America and spawned several other similar legends in many states. But […]


State’s Urban Legends: Virginia

By Richard Paolinelli / July 20, 2018

When Sir Walter Raliegh laid claim to land in the New World back in the 16th Century, he named it Virginia. He did so to honor Queen Elizabeth I – the so-called Virgin Queen. The Commonwealth has some impressive legends, including one fit for a royal treasury. The Bunnyman In Clifton, Virginia you might encounter what […]


State’s Urban Legends: Vermont

By Richard Paolinelli / July 19, 2018

There is something about the New England area that just lends itself to spooky urban legends. Vermont is no exception to this rule. The Hayden Family Curse There are curses that have been laid on villages that have passed down through the years to continue striking at their targets. But when one is dialed in […]


State’s Urban Legends: Utah

By Richard Paolinelli / July 18, 2018

Utah may be a small state and sparsely populated. But it hosts more than its fair share of some really great urban legends. Escalante Petrified Forest Curse It’s only natural when visiting the Escalante Petrified Forest to reach down and pick up a broken off piece of a petrified tree as a keepsake. Many people […]


State’s Urban Legends: Texas

By Richard Paolinelli / July 17, 2018

The Lone Star State of Texas is one big place. “The sun has ris, the sun has set and here I am in Texas yet” is an old saying in the state for a reason. So you figure they have some mighty large urban legends within the state lines. The Candy Lady Back in the […]


State’s Urban Legends: Tennessee

By Richard Paolinelli / July 16, 2018

Tennessee is the home of the Jack Daniel’s distillery – in Lynchburg if you are planning a visit. You might think the people who cooked up these urban legends did so after sampling some of the latest product. Old Green Eyes Old Green Eyes is not a wanna-be Frank Sinatra doomed to haunt bars as a […]


State’s Urban Legends: South Carolina

By Richard Paolinelli / July 14, 2018

When South Carolina is not dealing with hurricanes, it has some very spooky urban legends floating about to keep things lively. The death of Julia Legare Buried alive. It is a fear shared by many people. So much so that there is a small industry devoted to devices to help the living escape a premature visit […]


State’s Urban Legends: Rhode Island

By Richard Paolinelli / July 13, 2018

Rhode Island ranks dead last among the 50 states in area. But the smallest state in the Union stands toe-to-toe with her sisters when it comes to urban legends. The Devil’s footprints Near North Kingston, Rhode Island lies a forest with a very peculiar rock. It looks like there is a human footprint in the […]


State’s Urban Legends: Pennsylvania

By Richard Paolinelli / July 12, 2018

Pennsylvania is home to the birthplace of the United States of America – a birthday we celebrated about a week ago. But the state is also home to some urban legends that even home state spooky filmmaker M. Knight Shyamalan couldn’t have dreamed up. Charlie No-Face/The Glowing Green Man Some legends are made so much better […]

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