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International Urban Legends: Belgium

By Richard Paolinelli / September 3, 2018

Belgium may not be a big country, but it has some impressive urban legends. A few so mysterious that even Hercule Poirot would be hard-pressed to explain. Here are two such examples for you to labor over today. (See what I did there?) The Angels of Mons This one has a twist of life imitating […]


International Urban Legends: Netherlands

By Richard Paolinelli / September 1, 2018

We arrive in the Netherlands today and find a host of scary urban legends to haunt you with. From the White Women to ape-like spirits the Dutch have plenty of urban legends. Maybe that explains why the dip their fries in mayo? Witte Wieven This is likely the most famous legend in the Netherlands. The “White […]


International Urban Legends: Austria

By Richard Paolinelli / August 30, 2018

As we resume our tour of international urban legends we find ourselves in Austria. Now, most of the legends here are sweet, cute and nice. We don’t that here. Fortunately, we have a whopper of an urban legend based in Austria. And speaking of naughty and nice, this one may be related to Santa Claus, […]


International Urban Legends: Germany

By Richard Paolinelli / August 24, 2018

Oh yeah, the country that gave us the Brothers Grimm and a collection of folk tales that will last as long as this ball of rock keeps orbiting the Sun. Germany. And boy does Deutschland deliver the goods when it comes to urban legends. The Rat Catcher of Hameln Back in the days of the […]


Urban Legends: The Mineral Point Vampire

By Richard Paolinelli / August 22, 2018

Not too long ago we skimmed through the urban legends surrounding the state of Wisconsin. Seems like we might have skipped past the town of Mineral Point, Wisconsin and missed one very interesting legend. So we’ve flown back from Europe long enough to check out what has come to be known as the Mineral Point Vampire. […]


International Urban Legends: Switzerland

By Richard Paolinelli / August 16, 2018

Today we head into Switzerland – hey it took a while to work our way through the Alps – and check out this country’s legends. Sorry, no chocolate-covered sweet legends to be found here. The Devil’s Rock Apparently, you can’t trust the Europeans, especially if your Lucifer. Recall our stopover in France where we encountered […]


International Urban Legends: Italy

By Richard Paolinelli / August 10, 2018

Today we stop for a pleasant weekend in Italy, the homeland of my people! If you find yourself in Lucca – in northern Italy’s Tuscany region – go find an area filled with olive trees. Chances are, you’ve found the family’s old estate. Say hello for me. But Italy isn’t just about art, the Vatican, […]


International Urban Legends: France

By Richard Paolinelli / August 9, 2018

Today we arrive in France. A country filled with fine wine, glorious art a couple of awesome urban legends. Pont du Diable The abbeys of Aniana and Gellone decided to build a bridge over the Herault River. Only problem was, every night the Devil would show up. And then the Devil would wreck all of the […]


International Urban Legends: Spain

By Richard Paolinelli / August 8, 2018

We travel to Spain today in search of urban legends and… wait a second… we have breaking news! “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!” (I’m sorry. I just had to. For those born after 1975, see Chase, Chevy and Live, Saturday Night.) La Chica de la Curva The Girl On The Curve comes in as the […]


International Urban Legends: Portugal

By Richard Paolinelli / August 7, 2018

We have set sail for warmer waters and find ourselves in Portugal. What follows are three urban legends that, while lacking in the spooky department, are quite interesting. The Seven Cities’ Lagoons In a faraway time, near the Sete Cidades parish, there was once a kingdom. Antilia was said to be the most beautiful princess […]

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