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Stanley Gray

Stanley Gray is an award-winning writer living in the Pacific Northwest. His bestselling works include Traits of Darkness, book one in the Gems of Paradise series. Beyond writing and exploring the contours of urban fantasy, Stanley loves reading, spending time with his family, and his pets. You can connect with him via Facebook, Twitter, Amazon.


Book Review: Magic Burns

By Stanley Gray / September 5, 2018

Ilona Andrews displays her wit and wisdom in Magic Burns. This is the second book in her Kate Daniels series, with rich, dynamic characters. It also has pensive magic that also serves to examine and probe the limits of technology in the modern world. Andrews pulls readers into her poignant and harrowing tales. Story Takes […]


Movie Review: The Crow

By Stanley Gray / August 20, 2018

In a fit of nostalgia, I recently watched The Crow. In this cult classic, a rock star is awakened from the dead to avenge his own death. Eric Draven, the protagonist in this movie, is also fueled by the rape of his former fiancée. The Crow Is Born One fateful October Detroit night saw the […]


Book Review: Skin Game

By Stanley Gray / August 19, 2018

In an exciting twist perhaps only a genius like Jim Butcher could pull off, Harry Dresden is forced to work with his hated enemy in Skin Game, the fifteenth book in the famous Dresden Files series. Queen Mab has enlisted Dresden to do another nefarious and herculean task in this gritty novel. Dresden is tasked […]


Movie Review: Hellboy 2

By Stanley Gray / August 18, 2018

The Prince is back. And he wants revenge. No, this isn’t some Nigerian scam. This is one man’s critique of Hellboy 2, a mid-2000’s sequel to the cult classic eponymous movie, Hellboy. Often cinematically considered as one of the standards for urban fantasy, this franchise raked in barges full of cash on its way to […]


International Urban Legends: Madagascar

By Stanley Gray / August 17, 2018

A monster lurks in the heart of the Malagasy jungle. As the mists hiss and rise into swirling masses, they conceal a terrible entity. A cryptid that feeds on human flesh. It is hundreds of years old. It’s story has been carried throughout the annals of history. It is likely one can read the story […]


Book Review: Child of Fire

By Stanley Gray / July 28, 2018

Ray Lily possesses a checkered past. As an ex-felon with a dark side, it seems he presents an unlikely hero. Yet, in Child of Fire, he may be the only hero readers will get. Working for a powerful sorcerer, Ray discovers himself immersed in a mind-blowing suicide mission. His employer, Analise Powliss, holds a high […]


State’s Urban Legends: South Dakota

By Stanley Gray / July 15, 2018

From Sica Hollow to the Black Hills, South Dakota is a magical place of rolling hills and folklore. For the avid urban fantasy fan, South Dakota is definitely an interesting place to explore. Black Hills Because of the rich Native American tradition in the state, many of the urban legends associated with it trace their […]


State’s Urban Legends: Oregon

By Stanley Gray / July 11, 2018

Urban fantasy offers readers a chance to mix magic with reality. It is perhaps this blend of authenticity and fantasy that continues to draw new fans into the fold. But, what about the magical myths that provide inspiration and entertainment in the pages of real histories? It seems that they, too, help drive people to explore. […]


Great Urban Fantasy Books

By Stanley Gray / July 7, 2018

What makes a book great? That question has plagued many intellectuals and avid readers alike over the years, and remains largely unanswered. Greatness is subjective, yes. But, there is something arcane and elusive about being elevated through a consensus of your peers into a pantheon of writers impervious to the normal effects of time and […]


State’s Urban Legends: Massachusetts

By Stanley Gray / June 25, 2018

Massachusetts is a small state with a big history. Much of that history has a dark side that haunts it. Supernatural tales liberally pepper the past of this important part of our national identity. From the Bridgewater Triangle to the Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts possesses a cornucopia of filled with fresh delights for the urban […]

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