Book Review: Magic Burns

By Stanley Gray / September 5, 2018

Ilona Andrews displays her wit and wisdom in Magic Burns. This is the second book in her Kate Daniels series, with rich, dynamic characters.

It also has pensive magic that also serves to examine and probe the limits of technology in the modern world. Andrews pulls readers into her poignant and harrowing tales.

Story Takes Place In Atlanta

Magic Burns is the second book of the series.

Ilona Andrews’ latest Kate Daniels Novel, Magic Burns.

Set in Atlanta, Magic Burns begins with the series protagonist, Kate Daniels, helping a group known as The Pack search for a set of maps. Those cartographic gems had been stolen. The pack, shapeshifters who help guard the city from arcane beasts that lurk in the shadows, wants them back.

The complication here is that a flare tears through the city. This sends ripples of rampant magic through the urban landscape that complicates everything. Using unorthodox mythology and robust characters many might relate to, this story takes the reader on a joy ride.

The reader enters a world where danger lurks at every corner. Each page offers the potential to reveal new and hair-raising twists.

During the flare, divine beings can, and do, wield their supernatural powers for their own aims. And you can be assured those aims are often quite at odds with the central cast of characters,

Worth Giving Book Three A Read

At some point, I will probably move on to book three. I tentatively recommend the book, based on the exciting characterization and the unorthodox approach the author sometimes takes to the story.

For a shorter work, it is a bit high-priced, and the fight scenes are often a bit stale and prosaic. In addition, one vulnerability is the main character herself – a major problem with any series.

Kate Daniels is an independent woman, and a badass, at that. Unfortunately, she lacks depth, as many mercenary-type protagonists do.

The book contains many adult themes that may not be suitable for all age groups.

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