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Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

By Hawkings Austin / September 7, 2018

So, I’m going to start out stating that Edgar Cantero will be someone to watch in the future. Meddling Kids is a good read with several good things going on throughout it. You can enjoy the “Scooby Doo” mystery, the Lovecraft-ian elements, or the somewhat more literary Obsession story. Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero gets four […]


Book Review: Magic Burns

By Stanley Gray / September 5, 2018

Ilona Andrews displays her wit and wisdom in Magic Burns. This is the second book in her Kate Daniels series, with rich, dynamic characters. It also has pensive magic that also serves to examine and probe the limits of technology in the modern world. Andrews pulls readers into her poignant and harrowing tales. Story Takes […]


International Urban Legends: Belgium

By Richard Paolinelli / September 3, 2018

Belgium may not be a big country, but it has some impressive urban legends. A few so mysterious that even Hercule Poirot would be hard-pressed to explain. Here are two such examples for you to labor over today. (See what I did there?) The Angels of Mons This one has a twist of life imitating […]


International Urban Legends: Netherlands

By Richard Paolinelli / September 1, 2018

We arrive in the Netherlands today and find a host of scary urban legends to haunt you with. From the White Women to ape-like spirits the Dutch have plenty of urban legends. Maybe that explains why the dip their fries in mayo? Witte Wieven This is likely the most famous legend in the Netherlands. The “White […]