Book Review: Skin Game

By Stanley Gray / August 19, 2018

In an exciting twist perhaps only a genius like Jim Butcher could pull off, Harry Dresden is forced to work with his hated enemy in Skin Game, the fifteenth book in the famous Dresden Files series. Queen Mab has enlisted Dresden to do another nefarious and herculean task in this gritty novel. Dresden is tasked with trying to rob a tightly secured vault.

And that vault belongs to Hades.

Suicide Mission In Skin Game

Skin Game is the 15th book in the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher.

Dresden is back in Skin Game.

With his enemy Nicodemus the Denarian in tow, Chicago’s infamous wizard embarks on a suicidal mission with the intention of surviving.

One remarkable aspect to this exciting tale is that readers are treated to glimpses of the younger, brasher version of Harry they once fell in love with. Awkward around gorgeous gals, daring and sometimes impulsive, Dresden is a perfect portrait of the flawed and conflicted protagonist seeking to do good, even if he doesn’t always know what good is in the given context.

In the middle of the series, as Harry becomes more of a political animal and a leader, we see less of his true self. Perhaps that is because he is sublimating it. Hiding it. Whatever the reason, it felt refreshing to see that facets of the man remained.

Overall, the book was good. I highly recommend it.

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