International Urban Legends: Spain

We travel to Spain today in search of urban legends and… wait a second… we have breaking news!

“Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!”

(I’m sorry. I just had to. For those born after 1975, see Chase, Chevy and Live, Saturday Night.)

La Chica de la Curva

The Girl On The Curve comes in as the most popular ghost story you will encounter in Spain.

Should you be driving along the road at night and pick up a young female hitchhiker, you’ve probably just met La Chica de la Curva. She’ll tell you to take care making the next curve because it is dangerous. You’ll ask her why and she’ll reply by telling you that this is the curve where she died. And then she vanishes.

Los Tronco de Brasil

Spain doesn't like spider plants, it seems.

Los Tronco de Brasil

It’s a plant. And it’s from Brazil. And one day a woman noticed her brand-new, freshly imported from Brazil to Spain plant moving across the floor under its own power.

Well, not its own power, but the power of thousands of baby spiders who had just hatched inside the plant. Or so says the legend that all but ended the importation of these plants soon after it was first reported.

Veronica Jaja

Like the Candyman in the movies or the popular Bloody Mary legend in the U.S., seal yourself within a closet or a small room and say the name Veronica Jaja three times while facing a mirror, if you dare.

If you do, its been nice knowing you and we’ll send flowers to your funeral. Because if she shows up, you’re dead.

Subways of Spain

No, not the sandwich shops, the trains. And I’m combining two legends here because they both are located within subways in Spain’s major cities.

The Rocafort Station in Barcelona is said to be haunted. It is the leader amongst all other stations in suicides – a stat I’m sure they’d happily do without if they could. And the security cameras have noticed unexplained movement in the station long after it has closed for the night.

But Madrid’s subway system says “Hold My Beer”. It has a rat and it is seen chasing the last train of the day and only that one. Legend says it is a reincarnation of a passenger who fell to his, or her, death while trying to catch the last train of the day.

And you thought the subway in New York City was rough…



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