International Urban Legends: Greenland

We head for Greenland today. A land filled with wolves that howl in the night…or was that one of the many ghosts that haunt the place so much that most residents – not that a whole lot of people live there to begin with – sleep with their lights on.

A land where the cemetery is a crevass. You can actually hike out to it, look down and see the skeletons at the bottom. Then there’s the ice.

Remember, the Vikings pulled a fast one on the world when they named the land of ice they’d discovered Greenland. They didn’t want immigrants on Iceland, where there actually is some green.

Greenland Icebergs and British Ships don't mix.

The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg from Greenland.

Icebergs that are found in the Atlantic are born in Greenland, snapping off glaciers and floating away. In 1909 one very large iceberg snapped off with a thunderous boom and headed south. In 1912 it ran into a ship. You might have heard about the incident…


Oh yes, Greenland has an urban legend sure to make you understand why the Vikings wanted nothing to do with the place.

They are called qivitoqs. They are not-quite-dead people who possess animal strength and are nocturnal. The source of these creatures is regular people like you and me, with one notable difference.

These people either fled their homes or were cast into exile from their town. They have been forced to survive in the wild. Many don’t survive. But those that do, legend says, become very strong, very fierce and very angry. And they want payback.

Which makes it no surprise that they are also a little crazy and have been known to return to their former homes and kill people.

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