International Urban Legends: Ireland

We’re back! And we’ve landed in Ireland today and you would expect to find some epic urban legends here. Trust me, you won’t walk away disappointed.

The Banshee

Ireland has a killer urban legend

The Banshee of Ireland legends.

Banshees have roamed Ireland for some time and legend says they carry an omen of death if you see one. Some say they appear as old woman in rags. Some see a woman washing out blood from clothing. Others see a young, beautiful girl.

But what everyone who sees a banshee agrees on is what happens after you spot her. The Banshee lets out a piercing cry and it will bring death to you or a loved one if you hear it.

Don’t believe it? Scotland’s King James I reported being approached by a Banshee. He died soon after. It seems you don’t have to be Irish to be in danger when a Banshee is about.

The Phoenix Man

In the city of Dublin lies Phoenix Park. As park’s go it is similar to one you would find in any city anywhere else in the world.

But this park hosts a permanent resident – the Phoenix Man is home to many urban myths, but none so terrifying as The Phoenix Man. He appears either as a slim younger man or a very obese older man.

You’ll know he’s nearby at night if you hear low moans and grunting coming from the woods and the bushes begin to shake. Oh, to make matters worse, sometimes more than one Phoenix Man appears.

The Demon Drink

Walk the streets of any Irish city and spot a blotch of blood on the pavement and you’ve likely stumbled across the Demon Drink. Legend has it an impish demon possesses men and women and uses them to do terrible things. None of the victims will remember a thing the next morning, even when told they assaulted someone the night before.

The Leprechaun

Now, you didn’t think I’d skip the most obvious urban legend of Ireland, did you?

The leprechaun is a fairy, probably the one everyone knows about in a land legends say are full of fae people. The leprechaun is the tallest of the fae, but still very small compared to us. They almost always take the form of an old man – not the guy on the Lucky Charms boxes.

And yes, they do love to hoard gold in their pots and stash them at the elusive ends of a rainbow. If you catch one, legend says, it has to grant you three wishes before it can go free.

Just keep in mind that old adage pf being careful what you wish for…

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