State’s Urban Legends: Oklahoma

I was just in Oklahoma last month and you want to talk about a spooky urban legend?

Stuckey’s in Marietta, Oklahoma

Stuckey’s. If your family ever did a long-distance road trip back in the 1960-1980s you’ve stopped in one at least once.

Pecan logs and hamburgers going three for a dollar. That and a whole bunch of keepsakes that you didn’t need but just had to have. They died off in the 1990s.

Or did they? Because in Marietta, Oklahoma, just off the I-35, they have opened up a Stuckey’s, complete with food and pecan logs and tourist keepsakes you don’t need. The owner told me they are opening more across the state soon.

You need any more proof the undead walk the earth than that?

The Skirvin Hotel

The Skirvin is a luxury hotel. Just look at the exterior! It’s a very beautiful piece of architecture, isn’t it?

Stay the night, if you dare.

Oklahoma City’s haunted Skirvin Hotel.

Unfortunately, its home to babies that cry non-stop but the source of the crying can never be located. Doors slamming for no reason. A ghost that cops a feel when you are in the shower. And for the creme de la creme, the ghost of the mistress of the hotel’s first owner. She walks the halls pushing a stroller with her and her lover’s illegitimate child’s ghost too.

The hotel first opened in 1911 and it got off to a rocky start. The first owner, mentioned above, was Fred Scheruble who was gunned down in the hotel. The maid he impregnated before his demise also died within the walls of the hotel. Don’t plan on getting a good night’s sleep.

Shaman’s portal

In Beaver Dunes Park there are reports of mysterious happenings. Partly due to the fact the park lies atop some old Indian burial grounds. These occurances have given rise to a pair of monikers, the Shaman’s Portal and the Oklahoma Bermuda Triangle. (Probably explains why Stuckey’s is making a come back. I’m just saying…)

Some of the oddest events date as far back as the 16th Century when a group of Spanish Conquistadors vanished while hunting gold in the dunes. Legend has it a UFO crashed in the dunes, a claim backed up by a soil sample test that reported the sands were abnormal.

The Spook Light of Peoria

Since the early 1900s people around Peoria have reported flashing orbs of light along a heavily-wooded road nearby. The Army’s Corp of Engineers investigated in 1946 and called it a “mysterious light of unknown origin” and closed their investigation.

Ghosts, UFOs, swamp gas reflecting the light of Venus? Who knows.

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