State’s Urban Legends: Nevada

Nevada doesn’t have much to offer for urban settings once you get outside of Las Vegas or the Reno-Taho-Carson City triangle. So when it comes to legends, we find ourselves down in the southern point of Nevada.

So many men were buried alive when they poured the concrete for Hoover Dam you have to figure there’s some interesting ghosts lurking about the place. And the same applies to all of the silver mines near Carson City. But the Vegas area offers some interesting urban legends for us to sample:

The 10th Floor of The Excalibur Hotel

Haunted Nevada hot spot?

Las Vegas’s Excalibur Hotel. The 10th Floor is said to be haunted.

The Excalibur is a medieval-themed hotel/casino in Vegas. Its archeticture and interior decor is certainly in that spirit. But the 10th floor of the hotel has a spirit all of its own.

Guests of that floor have reported rooms suddenly becoming chilly or cold spots in the corridor. Furniture has been seen moving about on its own. Televisions emit static even though they have been turned off. Phones ring but no one is on the other end of the call when the receiver is lifted. Alarm clocks ring at all hours, though no one has set them to do so. There’s even a report or two of feeling that you are being followed, even feeling someone breathe on your neck or in your ear. But when you turn around, no one is there.

So the next visit to Nevada, if you should have booked a room at The Excalibur in Vegas, ask for any floor but the 10th. Just to be safe.

The Flamingo Hotel’s Permanent Guest

Mob boss Bugsy Siegel loved Vegas. He even helped build it into what it is today. Back in 1946 the Flamingo opened for business at a construction price tag that hit $6 million. Siegel’s financial support saved the project.

Bugsy Siegel

It also earned him his own apartment in the hotel. But the Flamingo got off to a rocky start, almost closing its doors as soon as they opened that Christmas in 1946. It eventually re-opened in March 1947 but Bugsy didn’t get to enjoy it long. He was killed in June in Beverly Hills, a mob hit of course, while away from Nevada.

But Bugsy never really left the Flamingo. He has been spotted in his old apartment, the Presidential Suite (the gold fixtures from his apartment’s bathroom were placed in this Suite), the gardens where a memorial to him sits and the wedding chapel.

Area 51

Okay, let’s address the little grey men in the room now. North of Vegas is a wasteland. Literally, there’s nothing there until you depart Nevada and get into Utah. Which made it the perfect place for the US Government to park a top-secret base.

Over the years the conspiracy theories have grown and the lore has been so scrambled over the decades it’s hard to sort out what is real and what isn’t out there. Yes, secret planes have been tested there. The U-2, my personal favorite, the Blackbird (if you never saw one take off and fly you missed a real treat) among many others.

But it is the alien legends that make the place take notice for us. Alien autopsies. Aliens meeting Presidents (no, I’m not talking about the film Independence Day) and alien tech being tested on the base.

There have been strange sightings of course. Lights in the sky moving in ways no publicly-known aircraft can move. So if you’re traveling along Highway 375 north of Vegas and you see something strange, just keeping moving along. Because as George says…

Nevada's Area 51.

In Nevada, he may be right.

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