State’s Urban Legends: Nebraska

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. Having just moved to Nebraska less than two months ago, I’m eager to find out exactly what I’ve gotten myself into here. Or is this a case of ignorance being bliss?

Seven Sisters Road

We read about a dark, creepy road just yesterday in Montana. The truth is, every state has at least one. But there’s a road in Nebraska that just might be able to claim top prize in and “Most creepiest dark road in the U.S.” contest.

Nebraska City, Nebraska is situated along the banks of the Missouri River. Highway 75 runs through the town, south of Omaha. According to legend a family dispute ended in horror when a young man dispatched on seven of his sisters in one night. One legend credits the brother with the executions. Adding that he hung one each from a tree on separate hills. The area is nothing but rolling hills after all so he wouldn’t have had to go far.

Some versions credit the father as the murderer, dispatching his seven daughters by hanging. Visitors to the area report seeing seven female bodies dangling from the trees over an old graveyard. One report includes that the women not only were hanged, but shot as well.

I’m not saying there’s something going on out there. But one morning a month ago, just before sunrise, I was driving along Highway 75 just past the area in question. Something shot out in front of the car so fast all I saw was a blur. It was close enough that I should have hit it. But there was no impact and I couldn’t begin to describe what it was.

I’m not saying. I’m just saying. You know?

The Hatchet House And Heartbeat Bridge

The Hatchet House still stands in Papillion, Nebraska

Hey, we get a two-for-one special with this one. Two legends, in two separate locations. But they are most tragically linked forever,

In the town of Portal – the town no longer exists and the site is near what is now known as Papillion – was the site of a horrible massacre.

One day, or so the legend goes, a teacher went insane. She decapitated every one of her students and placed their heads on each desk. She then cut out their hearts to a nearby bridge and tossed them over the side and into the river below.

It is said that sometimes when crossing this bridge you can hear what sounds like many heartbeats coming from the water below the bridge.  The bridge still stands, as does the one-room schoolhouse.

Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall in Valentine, Nebraska used to be a high school. Back in the 1940s a student was playing her clarinet when she suddenly suffered a heart attack and died.

It was alleged that her reed was poisoned. Legend has it that she’s still inside the Hall today.

Visitors report feeling cold spots where it shouldn’t be cold, music playing from an unseen source and an empty rocking chair suddenly start swaying back and forth for no apparent reason.

Hey, maybe we figured out the origin of the Lady In White from Montana!


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