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International Urban Legends: Scotland

By Richard Paolinelli / July 31, 2018

Today we sail across the Irish Sea to make landfall in Scotland. Yes, there’s plenty of Scottish legends for us to discover here. But there’s only one granddaddy – or grandlady – of all urban legends and that’s Nessie. Loch Ness Monster Nessie is, hands down, the best known urban legend on the globe. And she […]


International Urban Legends: Ireland

By Richard Paolinelli / July 30, 2018

We’re back! And we’ve landed in Ireland today and you would expect to find some epic urban legends here. Trust me, you won’t walk away disappointed. The Banshee Banshees have roamed Ireland for some time and legend says they carry an omen of death if you see one. Some say they appear as old woman […]


Book Review: Child of Fire

By Stanley Gray / July 28, 2018

Ray Lily possesses a checkered past. As an ex-felon with a dark side, it seems he presents an unlikely hero. Yet, in Child of Fire, he may be the only hero readers will get. Working for a powerful sorcerer, Ray discovers himself immersed in a mind-blowing suicide mission. His employer, Analise Powliss, holds a high […]


The Legends Of North America

By Richard Paolinelli / July 27, 2018

For nearly two months now, we’ve toured the continent of North America – from Mexico, to Canada and the 50 United States in between – and discovered some unique legends. We’ve seen that Bigfoot roams a wide swath of the land and has many, many cousins. We’ve met a mysterious White Lady who appears in several […]


International Urban Legends: Mexico

By Richard Paolinelli / July 26, 2018

There is an urban legend out there that says I have visited Mexico myself. It is only partially correct. I wouldn’t call it a visit so much as stepping across the border, looking about and then stepping right back onto U.S. soil back in 1981. It occurred on the border towns of Columbus, New Mexico and Palomas, […]


International Urban Legends: Canada

By Richard Paolinelli / July 25, 2018

Oh, I’m sorry. You thought our little tour of the 50 states here in America was the end of our search for urban legends? Oh no, it was just the start. Today we head across the border into Canada in search of  urban legends in the Great White North. And if none of them involve beer, […]


State’s Urban Legends: Wyoming

By Richard Paolinelli / July 24, 2018

The last state in our tour of America’s urban legends is Wyoming. It’s a state with wide-open land and very few urban areas. But in addition to Yellowstone Park it has some pretty impressive legends. Whispers After checking out Old Faithful, and keep an eye out for the headless woman who haunts the lodge there, […]


State’s Urban Legends: Wisconsin

By Richard Paolinelli / July 23, 2018

My sister resides in Wisconsin these days. And if the good people of the state haven’t been punished enough, check out these urban legends they have had to deal with. None of them are very cheesy. C’mon now, at least I didn’t say they weren’t very Gouda… Rhinelander Hodag This legend got its start back […]


State’s Urban Legends: West Virginia

By Richard Paolinelli / July 22, 2018

John Denver sang about the country roads of West Virginia. Funny, he never mentioned some of these things you’ll find along those country roads… Mothman of West Virginia Okay, let’s deal with the elephant in the room right off the bat – or the half-moth, half-man in the room at the very least. You’ve seen […]


State’s Urban Legends: Washington

By Richard Paolinelli / July 21, 2018

The state of Washington was so-named in honor of the father of the United States of America. So it seems only fitting that it would be apparent home to the granddaddy of all of the urban legends. Bigfoot He’s been spotted all over North America and spawned several other similar legends in many states. But […]