State’s Urban Legends: Missouri

You want creepy in Missouri? Try sleeping in your warm comfortable bed when a Bob White parks outside your window. Bob White isn’t a who, its a what. An irritating bird whose call sounds like it is saying “Bob White” in an irritatingly high-pitched whistling tone. They do this over, and over, and over…

Five minutes of this and you’re ready to become an urban legend yourself, preying on anyone who happens to come by. Speaking of urban legends that prey on passers by…

Zombie Road

A trail in Wildwood, Missouri – just outside of St. Louis – runs along the Meramac River.

Missouri has a Zombie Road.

Zombie Road is not entirely safe.

It was originally used to access quarries but about 40 years ago it was no longer used for that purpose and wasn’t maintained. So, of course, it became a popular hangout for the local teens to drink, party and scare the daylights out of people.

Over the years legends have popped up about shadowy figures pursuing potential victims. Zombies and ghosts seem to be the popular suspects for these encounters. As for how they got started and what is the cause of them, well that ranges wildly. Victims of train wrecks, executed Civil War spies, dead Civil War soldiers or children tormented in a sinister hospital.

Not too long ago, the dirt path was paved and converted into a bike path. This hasn’t seemed to have discouraged the unruly teens any more than it has the ghosts or zombies.

Momo: The Monster of Missouri

Momo actually started down in Louisiana. But the legends down there apparently were more than he could handle. So he packed up his kit and headed north to settle down in Missouri.

Missouri's Momo

An early encounter with Momo?

He’s basically Missouri’s version of Bigfoot of course. He has the prerequisite horrible body odor and covered with hair. Momo boasts a pumpkin-shaped head and has an affinity for dogs – to dine upon.

Back in 1968, legend has it, Momo tried to abscond with a four-year-old boy. However, the attempt appears to have failed and no clear evidence of Momo’s guilt was ever discovered. To date, no arrest warrant has ever been filed with Momo’s name on it.

Springfield’s Landers Theater

The Landers Theater in Springfield is such a wonderful place no one wants to leave, ever. Seriously, people are just dying to spend as much time there as possible. The theater has seen its share of fatal accidents, fires and outright murder within its walls.

So of course legend would have it that Performers and other visitors have occasionally spotted the ghosts of those that never walked back out of the theater alive. The most popular apparition appears to be the janitor who perished in a fire there back in 1920.

Now that is what I call dedication to one’s profession.

Spook Light of Clarks Fork

Legend has it an old hermit finally passed away, but he liked the woods he’d called home so much he decided to hang around. They call him the Spook Light of Clarks Fork.
The old specter is a bit of a trickster it seems, at least in the afterlife. He’s been spotted peeping into windows of local homes and tormenting dogs until they flee with tails tucked firmly between their legs.
His grand finale is dashing through the woods, screaming at the top of his spectral lungs and setting the trees on fire. Oh, don’t be alarmed, the trees are perfectly fine the next day, not a mark on them.

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