State’s Urban Legends: Mississippi

There is much to see and experience in Mississippi from the Delta to Civil War battles sites and everything else in between. But the Magnolia State also boasts its fair share of spooky urban legends for you to take in as well.

The Yazoo Witch

The Yazoo rivers starts near the southern end of the Mississippi Delta and after nearly two hundred wandering miles connects with the larger Mississippi River. Its known as the “River of Death” and is the final resting place for nearly 30 boats sunk during the Civil War.

Mississippi's Yazoo Witch

A marker placed over the grave ite of the Yazoo Witch.

It was also the home to an old woman, a witch, who reportedly used her magical powers to lure crews on board boats to their demise. So, the local sheriff was dispatched to bring her in and pursued her into a nearby swamp. The old witch ran afoul of quicksand and drowned, but not before putting a curse on the sheriff’s town.

She claimed she would come back from the grave in 20 years and burn the town down. In 1904, some 20 years later, most of the city was ablaze and folks began to wonder if the witch had returned as promised.

Legend has it, the day after the fires were finally extinguished, they went to the old witch’s grave. Once there, they discovered that chain links surrounding her grave had been severed.

The Haunted Treasure of Deer Island

Back in the 1920s a pair of fisherman had set up on Deer Island. They started hearing noises coming from nearby bushes. At first they thought it was wild hogs, but eventually they checked into the noise.

And found themselves a skeleton. A skeleton that was lacking a head. Did we forget to mention the sans-skulled skeleton was standing erect? That it was fully unsupported? That it chased both terrified men back into their boat?

Legend has it that a pirate ship sailed into Biloxi Bay many, many years ago and buried its plundered loot on Deer Island. Since pirates are not known for being too trusting, they decided to station a permanent guard to watch over the treasure.

A crewman was decapitated and his body left nearby. Where his head ended up no one seems to know.

The Once Was A Three-Legged Lady…

Picture yourself driving along a strange, dark road at night when suddenly a woman appears and starting bashing your car’s hood. Not good, right?

Oh, it gets worse if you are on Nash Road near Columbus, Mississippi. Because you will no doubt soon notice that lady has three legs. That third leg has been attached with needle and (probably) catgut and is decaying.

Legend has it that the third leg has two possible origins. One says the lady is looking for her daughter. So far all she has found of her child is that decaying leg. Another explanation is that the leg used to belong to her former lover. Seems she just can’t completely let him go.

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