All Star Comic Con

Steampunk Iron Man photo by Lea Sanders

All Star Comic con was held June 15, 16, and 17th, and it was a real blast. It was held in a Sheraton in Tyson’s Corner – which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Here is a random fan doing a non-Urban Fantasy costume. There were a ton of super heroes, and Deadpool. Not a lot of Urban Fantasy literature that wasn’t super hero based. (I guess, not surprising given the ‘comic con’ label.)

Super Hero photo by Thomas McKeon

Supernatural was also very big, with a visit from a demon.

Supernatural photo by Thomas McKeon

And, if you haven’t been to a Party Wizard party, it has a kicking dance party on Saturday night. Still, I was a bit disappointed by the selection of authors available. There were a few authors, and I purchased a few books to read, but none of them were Urban Fantasy.

Alaina Huffman and Monica Altstatt driving off in Baby (the car.) Picture by Hawkings Austin.

In any case, I recommend All Star Comic Con if you are local to the DC area. It probably isn’t worth traveling, for the small crowd, but the cost is low and the fun is high.


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