State’s Urban Legends: Michigan

Michigan is a different state in many respects. Starting with its geography. It’s the only state where part of the state is separated from the State’s main body but still is connected to another state (Wisconsin). But the urban legends that lie within the state are even stranger than the reason why the Upper Peninsula is not part of Wisconsin instead.

Hell Bridge

Remember when we started our tour of the urban legends of each of the 50 states in America? We were in Alabama and came across a Hell Bridge. Well, looks like we found us a northern version here in Michigan.

Cross it, if you dare.

Michigan’s Hell Bridge.

It has its roots in the story of a crazy preacher named Elias Friske. Elias would lure young children into the woods where he would kill them and toss their bodies into Cedar Creek. He was eventually discovered and hanged by vengeful parents.

Before he died he made one final confession: He was possessed by demons. They didn’t have “not guilty by mental defect” defenses back then.

But today, near Algoma Township, there is an old footbridge out there near where Elias murdered those children. Cross the creaky metal construction at night, if you dare. For all too often those who do can hear the screams and pleas of children. Every once in a while they encounter a dark figure with glowing eyes.

Knock Knock Road

Strasburg Road in Grosse Ile has become known as the Knock Knock Road. No, it isn’t the birthplace of that annoying joke. Nor is the legend that spawned the name a laughing matter either.

Legend has it that a little girl was murdered on this road and she appears to drivers just outside their window, knocking on it. She’s still looking for the person who killed her it seems.

Nain Rouge

This legend might be one of the most popular. The people who live in the area actually celebrate it annually. Legend has it that the Nain Rouge – or Red Dwarf for you that don’t Parlez-Vous the Francais so good – causes a fair share of mayhem in Detroit.

Whenever disaster strikes Detroit you can count on a Nain Rouge sighting to be reported. The dwarf creature has even been convicted in  Michigan’s court of public opinion for the demise of the Cadillac company in Detroit.

Hey, maybe he prefers imports?

Michigan’s Singing Sands

There is a beach on the Keweenaw Peninsula that is haunted by a widow still deep in mourning over her loss. Legend has it that if you grab up a handful of sand from this beach you can hear her crying still.

One thing though, the phenomenon only works on the beach itself. Take it one with you and all you have is a handful of sand.

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