State’s Urban Legends: Maine

Stephen King is a native of Maine. Could he be an urban legend all unto himself?

Maine is as far east as you can go and still be in the United States. But it is also home to some eerie urban legends. Maybe that is why Stephen King likes the place so much?

Wood Island Light

Lighthouses are supposed to be navigational aids to ensure safe passage into port for seamen. But the lighthouse on Wood Island does not give off a friendly vibe.

Legend has it the lighthouse is haunted by the perpetrator of a murder-suicide dating back to the 1890s. Fred Milliken owner the lighthouse on the island back then.

But his tenant, a drifter and fisherman named Howard Hobbs, shot and killed Milliken while drunk. After the shooting, Hobbs wandered off a short distance before killing himself.

Since then there have been plenty of reports of strange moaning, shadows that should not be and a host of other paranormal activity. Hobbs is the prime suspect for this.

The Stain On Buck’s Tomb

Colonel Jonathan Buck of Bucksport – yes he was indeed the town’s founder – died in 1795 at the tender age of 76. He fought against the British in the Revolutionary War, owned a sawmill and was even named Justice of the Peace.

An ordinary man of his times, right? So how is he tangled up in an urban legend?

This leg-shaped stain has reappeared despite two attempts to remove it.

Well, it seems while doing his duty as a J.P. he once sentenced a woman to be burned at the stake as a witch. While the sentence was being carried out, one of the woman’s legs exited from the blaze.

Legend says it was this final insult, or possibly the woman’s last act being to curse Colonel Buck’s grave before she died, that led to an unexplainable mystery.

A stain, in the shape of a leg, has appeared on the Colonel’s tomb. Two attempts to remove this stain have been made. The stain has returned both times.

The Specter Moose

We’ll file this one under payback is a… well, you get the idea.

The Specter Moose is a giant, albino ghost moose that legend says is roaming the woods of Maine. Seems he’s not a fan of hunters. He attacks any hunter he encounters in its territory.

Seems fair to me.

Sequin Island Lighthouse

We end where we began our tour of Maine – at a lighthouse.

Legend has it that sometime during the 19th Century a caretaker and his wife lived on the small island. The isolation and the boredom weighed heavily on the couple. So the caretaker bought his wife a piano to alleviate the boredom.

The problem was his wife only knew how to play one song. Between the isolation – and that same song playing over and over and over again – drove the caretaker insane.

Legend says he took an ax to the piano, and the piano player, before killing himself.


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