State’s Urban Legends: Louisiana

Louisiana is the birthplace of gothic horror novelist Anne Rice. And after checking out some urban legends around Louisiana, now we know why she is considered the Queen of her genre.


The Vampire Comte de Saint Germain

This legend is centered around a person who actually lived back in the 18th Century but didn’t really become an urban legend until long after his “alleged” death in 1783. And by long after, we’re talking 20th Century start-up here.

Jacques Saint Germain was an alchemist who palled around with some high-end people – Voltaire, King Louis XV and Catherine the Great. After his death is when he really became an item.

Legend says he actually has been around since the time of Christ and merely faked his demise back in the 1780s. He was reportedly seen about Europe throughout the 19th Century before showing back up in New Orleans in 1902…

Louisiana has its vampire legends.

Was this legend the inspiration for Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire?

Hey, wait a second. Haven’t we seen this movie? I’m pretty sure we have.

At any rate, Jacques’ gig in the Big Easy these days is to seduce attractive young women and drink their blood.

Just a little something to keep in mind before heading off to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, ladies.

The Brothers Carter

Speaking of bloodsuckers… way back in the 1930s a young woman was found with slashes on her wrist. She explained to local authorities in New Orleans that she had escaped from the house belonging to the Carter Brothers. She further claimed that they were feeding off of her blood.

The house, which was in the French Quarter, was raided and to the shock and horror of the police in Louisiana, more young women with blood draining out of their bodies, were discovered. The vampiric brothers were captured and executed for their crimes.

But don’t breathe so easily. A few years later their coffins were opened. Their bodies were not in there, nor was any trace of human remains found within.

The Rougarou

Ok, I’m seriously starting to think New Orleans is off my bucket list. Because there are some crazy things roaming the Big Easy according to legends.

The Rougarou is a half-man, half-beast lurking on the streets in hunt of any scofflaws he can find. He, like his vampire cousin, has a thirst for blood but appears to let his victims live.

Just one thing. If a Rougarou attacks, don’t tell anyone or you will become one yourself.

The Grunch

No, not the Grinch. The Grinch is green, steals Christmas presents then has a change of heart and becomes a good guy. The Grunch are nastier and apparently completely unredeemable.

Grunch Road isn’t paved. It’s just dirt all the way into the woods where it eventually dead ends. You probably should avoid traveling to this destination. But if you can’t resist, whatever else you do, always remain in your car.

Chances are you’ll encounter what looks to be an injured goat. You’ll be tempted to get out and try to render aid. The instant you are clear of the car, a group of half-human, half-monster creatures will leap out and have you for lunch.

Legend has it these creatures started out as humans who gradually deformed into their present-day form after many years of isolation in the state’s bayou’s.

Laissez les bons temps rouler.




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