Book Review: Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher

Black magic slithers through Chicago. Insatiable monsters feast on the fear they create. And an unlikely wizard is foisted into the role of warden. Vampires and wizards conspire as they vie for power. A boy is on trial for his life. In Jim Butcher’s Proven Guilty, we see Harry Dresden at his finest as he navigates the turbid waters of the Windy City’s underworld.

Another excellent installment of the Dresden Files.

Jim Butcher’s Proven Guilty.

Even though Dresden remains unloved by the White Council of Wizards, he is appointed Warden by them in their quest to determine the loyalties of one of their most powerful allies: The Winter Fairy.

While the inherently unruly Dresden attempts to transition into this surprising role as ambassador, he becomes embroiled in a dark and foreboding game. Phobophages, nefarious creatures that feed on fear, have ambushed a horror film convention. And they were summoned.


Well-Written And Fast-Paced

This well-written and fast-paced eight installment in the Dresden Files series begins with a tense trial. Harry attends and receives a brutal but thinly veiled message: that misusing magic can hold serious consequences. Harry watches as a boy is sentenced to death for his role in using black magic to control the minds of others. This trial leads to an order for Harry to find the ultimate source of this black magic.

Butcher Adds A Twist

Of course, it can’t be that easy. A good novel needs a twist, right? Yes. And this is a good novel.

One compelling twist involves the reintroduction of Molly Carpenter, the daughter of an old friend. She implores Harry to help intervene in some grave criminal investigations. Meanwhile, her presence breathes life into the furnace of old memories.

A sardonic, action-packed book filled with characteristic Butcher prose, I highly recommend it.

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