Movie Review: Deadpool

Deadpool is a lot of fun to watch.

As I’ve said before, Superheroes are the epitome of Urban Fantasy. You have magical powers, fight villains, and save the world. Deadpool 1 was a bit of a genre breaker in that it was essentially a ‘revenge flick’ where the protagonist kills everyone between himself and the girl he’s rescuing. Deadpool 2 works a bit to change this dynamic, while keeping the humor. I’d recommend you go.

Come on give us one more chance…

Deadpool : God, that’s lazy writing.

Deadpool is Brain Cancer

Everything else I write is spoilers. Not that this movie is spoilable, Deadpool is brain cancer. Spoiling it would be like spoiling the end of Titanic. (Note: it sinks.) If you don’t know how a superhero movie ends, you shouldn’t watch it. BTW, if you do know how a superhero movie ends, don’t go see Avengers, they missed the memo.

Domino : I should’ve finished college.

Not everyone in the movie seemed to know that they were in a superhero movie. Deadpool himself was a bit spotty on the concept. He’s doing a standup routine that involves a lot of other people, some of whom are superheroes or villains. The bartender (T.J. Miller), taxi driver (Karan Soni), Negasonic (Brianna Hildebrand), Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna) and his blind housemate (Leslie Uggams) make their appearances in that movie, as well. It is a superhero movie the way Scary Movie is a horror movie.

And OMG, Yuki is cute.


The day Brianna Hildebrand was born in College Station, I was there doing a radiation test. This is not how she became Negasonic Teenage Warhead and you certainly couldn’t prove that correlation equals causation. If she becomes evil and Cable comes back to shoot me, I was framed.

Other people who wander into this crazy stand-up routine are shocked and alarmed, thrown out of character, and generally suffer through it till they get to act in their own movie again.

Cable : Because of you, I’ll always know what a grown man with baby balls looks like.

Domino : I really should have stayed in college…

The only character that tries to follow Deadpool’s Brain-Painful shifts from comedy to superhero to dark-action is Firefist, Julian Dennison. You don’t start out liking the character, or the actor responsible for him, but he’s probably doing a pretty good job with a script this crazy. He manages to look like a confused kid…which might not be acting, but it is appropriate.

Firefist explores prison life, making friends and a shank.

Deadpool, the Superhero Movie

There were a few people acting in a Marvel superhero movie. I can even call that a ‘traditional superhero movie’ now that Marvel is pretty much making a movie every couple weeks. Domino is front and center in that. She is an awesome character, an awesome actress, and … well smoking hot is appropriate. Zazie Beetz is awesome. I’m super-disappointed that she cancelled on All-Star con. I was signing up to have a photo with her on hour one. (Probably as Radiation Man, but hey, we all have bad costumes, right?)

This costume, seriously? My wife dolled-up more than this to watch the movie.

The X-men (sexist) and some other wandering villains are trying to have a decent super hero movie. Deadpool doesn’t really go for it. The X-Force (Gender neutral, yeah!) was in that superhero movie, at least for a few moments. (Peter, maybe, not so much.) I was really looking forward to the debut of Shatter Star (Lewis Tan). Maybe next movie… (I’m working on a cosplay for Shatter Star for my next convention, I’m wondering just how much green blood to use.)

Wife: All of it!

Deadpool, The dark revenge movie (like the last one)

Cable (Josh Brolin) is in a darker movie. He’s from an 80’s -90’s Marvel universe that was worried about super-sentinels, mutant wars, and the destruction of the world. Good Times, good times. He shoots a lot of stuff with a big gun, plays the hard-ass. Another movie that I’d like to see. We get a few moments of it, here and there, from Deadpool but after each scene he drags us back, painfully, into comedy.

Cable blowing up a prison.

You seriously get a bit whiplashed going from comedy to superheroes to emotional pain. The fourth movie stuck together with the Deadpool gum is the love story between Wade and his wife Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). It fits strongly with the dark revenge movie and is actually a good sequel to Deadpool 1. The W&V movie is a serious, heart-wrenching story that completely yanks you out of the comedy routine.  This is also a good movie, and outlines Deadpool’s motivations in becoming a ‘better person.’


I think I caught brain cancer watching this movie. My head hurts and I might not get enough brain bleach to forget naked-baby Deadpool. The plot is a slap-dash affair that might not fit together very well. Heck, there is serious resolution happening in the after-credits. There is not a lot of superhero action going on, but a lot of fighting. The emotional whip lash might send you to the hospital. The distance from tears to laughter is seconds. The plot is crap, the writing is lazy, and I never even got to see Yuki really use her powers. (And she is SOOO cute!)


This was the funniest stand-up routine I’ve ever seen. The best jokes are in the credits, so stay in your seat, but the movie is drop-dead funny. I thought Zazie gave a real performance (easily the best in the movie) and I rather liked parts of Josh Brolin’s. The comedy pieces were funny. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.  The animation in general and animated fights in particular were good. I really looked for crap art and didn’t see it.


Go watch it. And yes, it will hurt your heart, your brain, and probably a couple organs might spontaneously bleed (that might have been the chicken fingers, but not sure.) Deadpool isn’t a good movie, but it is a great time.

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