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State’s Urban Legends: Indiana – Part 2

By Stanley Gray / June 23, 2018

Evansville, Indiana is a medium-sized, quaint town nestled at the edge of Indiana on the Ohio River. Many could be forgiven for never having heard of this historic community. Although it once was at the heart of one of the world’s largest canal projects. However, it is home to the Willard Library. The Willard Library […]


State’s Urban Legends: Maine

By Richard Paolinelli / June 23, 2018

Maine is as far east as you can go and still be in the United States. But it is also home to some eerie urban legends. Maybe that is why Stephen King likes the place so much? Wood Island Light Lighthouses are supposed to be navigational aids to ensure safe passage into port for seamen. […]


iZombie Season One Review

By Morgon Newquist / June 22, 2018

I’m currently out-of-town visiting family and have found myself with several hours of free time in the evenings. My plans for rewatching Babylon Five were dashed by the inability to get Prime on the tv’s streaming, so I needed something else. A quick scan through Netflix and I found iZombie. I’d seen some of the […]


State’s Urban Legends: Louisiana

By Richard Paolinelli / June 22, 2018

Louisiana is the birthplace of gothic horror novelist Anne Rice. And after checking out some urban legends around Louisiana, now we know why she is considered the Queen of her genre.   The Vampire Comte de Saint Germain This legend is centered around a person who actually lived back in the 18th Century but didn’t […]


State’s Urban Legends: Kentucky

By Richard Paolinelli / June 21, 2018

I spent three months in Kentucky once. It was the longest year of my life. But the Bluegrass State does have a few very interesting urban legends. Check them out: The Witch Girl of Pilot’s Knob According to legend, back in 1916 Mary Evelyn Ford and her mother were accused of witchcraft and burned at the […]


State’s Urban Legends: Kansas

By Richard Paolinelli / June 20, 2018

“Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be sleep when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don’t you cry no more.” Come on, is there any other way to start of our review of urban legends in Kansas than with the theme song to Supernatural? Speaking of… Stull, Kansas and the Gateway to […]


State’s Urban Legends: Iowa

By Richard Paolinelli / June 19, 2018

Okay, I’ve been waiting for this one. I live less than an hour away from the Iowa state line and I want to know just how scary the place can be. I mean, it has all of those cornfields and I’ve watched enough movies to know what happens out there amongst the corn stalks.   […]


State’s Urban Legends: Indiana

By Richard Paolinelli / June 18, 2018

Ok, Illinois was weird, right? But what about its neighbor to the east, Indiana? Can the Hoosiers top what we’ve experienced so far? Let’s check it out and see for ourselves.   The 100 Steps Cemetery Head over to Brazil, Indiana and you will find a graveyard that dates back to the 1860s. If you […]


State’s Urban Legends: Illinois

By Richard Paolinelli / June 17, 2018

Today we pull into Illinois with an eye out for any supernatual legends we can find. And boy are there a few to find in this state.   Homey The Clown Look, I’m not one of those folks that gets creeped out by clowns. My first stuffed toy was a Bozo the Clown doll. (Hey, […]


State’s Urban Legends: Idaho

By Richard Paolinelli / June 16, 2018

We’re back in the contiguous 48 for the remainder of our tour of urban legends and we’ve landed in Idaho. The good news? There’s no potato-relate scare lurking out there. The bad news? The potato-related scares might be less scary than these three.   The Phantom Jogger of Canyon Hill Canyon Hill Cemetery sits in […]