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Book Review: The Sorcerer Heir

By Jemma Jablowski / June 30, 2018

So as I read through this book, The Sorcerer Heir, my reoccurring thought was, “FINALLY!” Finally these characters are having this conversation. Finally they are discovering the answers to SO many questions. Finally we’re getting somewhere. If you’ve read my review for The Enchanter Heir, you will know that the book ended a bit abruptly […]


State’s Urban Legends: Montana

By Richard Paolinelli / June 30, 2018

We’re in Big Sky country today as we examine the urban legends that call Montana home. I drove through about half of Montana once – a fire had detoured me off Interstate 80 and up to Interstate 94 by way of Idaho. Pretty country. Had I known about these urban legends before I drove through, […]


State’s Urban Legends: Missouri

By Richard Paolinelli / June 29, 2018

You want creepy in Missouri? Try sleeping in your warm comfortable bed when a Bob White parks outside your window. Bob White isn’t a who, its a what. An irritating bird whose call sounds like it is saying “Bob White” in an irritatingly high-pitched whistling tone. They do this over, and over, and over… Five minutes […]


All Star Comic Con

By Hawkings Austin / June 28, 2018

Steampunk Iron Man photo by Lea Sanders All Star Comic con was held June 15, 16, and 17th, and it was a real blast. It was held in a Sheraton in Tyson’s Corner – which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Here is a random fan doing a non-Urban Fantasy costume. There were a ton […]


State’s Urban Legends: Mississippi

By Richard Paolinelli / June 28, 2018

There is much to see and experience in Mississippi from the Delta to Civil War battles sites and everything else in between. But the Magnolia State also boasts its fair share of spooky urban legends for you to take in as well. The Yazoo Witch The Yazoo rivers starts near the southern end of the Mississippi […]


State’s Urban Legends: Minnesota

By Richard Paolinelli / June 27, 2018

Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and the home to Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. But its also home to some pretty creepy urban legends too, don’cha know? The Wendigo What makes this legend a touch scarier is that there is an actual medical tern connected to it. It’s called “Wendigo Psychosis” and […]


State’s Urban Legends: Michigan

By Richard Paolinelli / June 26, 2018

Michigan is a different state in many respects. Starting with its geography. It’s the only state where part of the state is separated from the State’s main body but still is connected to another state (Wisconsin). But the urban legends that lie within the state are even stranger than the reason why the Upper Peninsula […]


Movie Review: Big Trouble In Little China

By Richard Paolinelli / June 25, 2018

Since Stanley Gray stepped in to take care of Massachusetts today in our tour of urban legends in the 50 U.S. states, I decided to review an urban fantasy movie. Big Trouble In Little China is a cult urban fantasy classic. “Ok, Paolinelli,” you are probably exclaiming at this point, “you’ve finally lost it. How […]


State’s Urban Legends: Massachusetts

By Stanley Gray / June 25, 2018

Massachusetts is a small state with a big history. Much of that history has a dark side that haunts it. Supernatural tales liberally pepper the past of this important part of our national identity. From the Bridgewater Triangle to the Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts possesses a cornucopia of filled with fresh delights for the urban […]


State’s Urban Legends: Maryland

By Richard Paolinelli / June 24, 2018

My favorite 19th Century author is Edgar Allan Poe, who is buried in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m thinking even Poe at his best couldn’t have come up with the urban legends we’ll find as we tour Maryland below. The Snallygaster Legend says this creature is half-bird, half-octopus, half-reptile and half-robot. Legends suck at math. But locals in […]