Book Review: The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

Here there be Dragons!

The Heir Chronicles: Book 3

So I have now re-read all of the books in this series that I have read thus far. I finished The Dragon Heir over the Memorial Day weekend. (Shout out to my Mom who snuggled with my baby while I indulged in reading a book by myself.) This was a fast paced war story. All of the tension that had been building up in the magical world has finally come to a head. After re-reading it, I can see why I was surprised to find that there are two more books in the series. This book wraps up the story quite nicely, not that I am complaining that there is more.

(After looking it up, I realized that The Dragon Heir was published in 2008 and The Enchanter Heir was published in 2013. So it’s likely that Chima also thought the story was done.)

Synopsis: Dragon Heir

This book focuses around the two main supporting characters from the previous book: Jason and Madison. The Covenant, a magical contract that kept the wizards from warring against each other, got stolen, and as a result the magical world is in chaos. War is brewing and all roads lead to the sanctuary of Trinity, OH.

Jason is a seventeen year old wizard, and not a particularly powerful one. He is determined, however, to make a significant mark on the world. He’s desperate to be a part of the upcoming battle, but he feels passed over compared to all of his powerful and talented friends. When Jason makes an attempt at a solo raid on an enemy fortress, he finds a long forgotten cache of magical artifacts. Stealing what he can, he brings them to his allies. One of these stolen pieces, the Dragonheart, seems to be connected to the very source of magic itself. Now the entire wizard world wants it back.

Madison is an elicitor, not a member of the Weir Guilds, but special and powerful none the less. She has the unique ability to draw in magic and dispel it elsewhere. However she has little control over it. When she gets a call from her mother that she’s needed back home, she leaves Trinity, but not before encountering the Dragonheart. Madison has to go back home, leaving behind both her boyfriend, Seph, and the Dragonheart. Can she stay away? It’s dangerous for her to stay in Trinity. It’s also dangerous for her to be outside the Sanctuary.


These books just keep getting better. I really liked the characters. Jason and Madison were already my favorites from the previous book, but they really get to shine in this one, especially Madison. The tension in all of the inter-character relationships was well done and I found myself really feeling for them and with them.

And once again, the villains are awesome in a love-to-hate sort of way. I mean, man, I really hate those suckers and it’s SO satisfying when our heroes overcome them. I want to tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil anything so just go read the book.


This plot is very fast paced, especially near the end. This is good, except things happen very quickly near the end. The first time I read through it, I didn’t even realize a certain character death had happened. I had to slow down and read carefully this time through.

One thing I have had mixed feelings about throughout this series is the way that the point of view jumps around. In the first book, there are only a handful of paragraphs where the point of view changes to a different character. This pattern increases slightly in the second book. By The Dragon Heir, the character point of view jumps around a lot. At least, this makes more sense because there are two main characters, but there are a few times where the jump in narrator perspective distracted me from the story.

Coming Up

So there are two more books in the Heir Chronicles. The Enchanter Heir is next. Unfortunately, I do not already own this book, so it might take me a little bit longer to procure and read it before I can do a review.

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