Our First Month Is In The Books

Hey, we’re a month old. Happy Birthday to us! Even the big fella joined in on the festivities:

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve put together here at Urban-Fantasy.com and I am eager for you to check out what we’ve got on tap for your enjoyment. We’ve discussed books we’ve read, movies we’ve watched and we’ve begun to explore the origins of some of the urban legends that have inspired this site.

One Month Down, Many More Filled With UF Content To Come

In just over a week we’ll be looking at the origins of the Lycans, both in real-world legends and in books, movies and TV shows. We’ll also explore several other urban legends and share plenty of our reviews across several media. We’ll even take a look at urban legends in video games.

We’d Like To Hear From You

We’d also like to hear from you, our visitors to this site. We’ve seen a lot of folks come to this site and check out our content and follow the links to the books and other media we’ve discussed. Obviously, you all are liking what you are seeing.

But what else would you like to see here? Let us know in the comments. I’ll be reading them as I do every comment left on any post here. And don’t be afraid to tell us what you don’t want to see here as well. This site is nothing without you and we want you to enjoy it as much as we all do.

We’re one month in on a great site and I’m hoping we have hundreds more to come that will be even better than this one has been.

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Richard Paolinelli

  • Skyblue says:

    Hi. I’m one of the lurkers who’s been browsing your shiny new website.

    I arrived here via Russell Newquist’s twitter feed, looking for the sort of book and show reviews your group has helpfully provided.

    For example, Morgon Newquist’s posts have persuaded me to try watching the Supernatural TV series. (Eventually, I’ll even try the old Dark Shadows series, too.)

    Also, thank you for setting up such a reader-friendly website. I really appreciate blogs like yours that use black typeface on white backgrounds — “printed” like paper books and Kindle e-books.

    Meanwhile, I’m working my way through the short stories in your anthology about “Secret Stairs.” Your story, “Nothing Ever Happens Here,” was a great starting point for these creepy adventures.

    And the anthology is already a good introduction to several new-to-me authors, also.

    I look forward to reading more posts from all the authors here and finding more new-to-me stories to enjoy!

    • Richard Paolinelli says:

      Thank you for your kind remarks. I am glad you and many others are lurking about and I hope you continue to comment on our content.
      And thank you for your comment on my story in Secret Stairs. It has become my favorite short story out of the dozen or so I’ve written for several anthologies over the past year-and-a-half.

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