Five Young Adult Urban Fantasy Series To Read

Today we’re going to genre cross a little bit – in list form! I’ve compiled a short list of five Urban Fantasy series that are also Young Adult books. Hopefully down the road we can collect reviews on them all. But for today I thought I would help make your reading list just a little bit longer than it already is.

Now, no more droning on, straight on into the list.


cover of Fablehaven

Like my earlier review of The 10th Kingdom, Fablehaven falls more on the fairy tale/fantasy side of the Urban Fantasy line, but it is still story of modern people navigating a hidden world of magic. Thirteen year old Kendra and her eleven year old brother, Seth, have come to stay with their grandparents. But it turns out their grandfather is actually the groundskeeper for a preserve of magical creatures – and someone has broken the rules. Kendra and her brother must protect Fablehaven and the outside world from terrible creatures of darkness. Puzzles, slightly dark fairy tale elements, and adventure make this a fun YA romp.

The Mortal Instruments

Cover image for the first book of the Mortal Instruments series.

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is big enough that it has both a movie and a TV series based after it, but it might be a potential UF series that you’ve missed because it is primarily marketed as a YA book. Or maybe not, because it’s pretty huge. The first book of this series is City of Bones. Clary Fray lives the typical teenage life in New York City – until she starts seeing strange things and then her mother is kidnapped. Then she finds out about the Shadow World and Demon Hunters from a mysterious boy named Jace, and can never go back to her former life. Half human, half angel Nephilim use angelic blades and runes to fight demons in our world. Vampires, fairies, family drama and more are abounds in The Mortal Instruments stories.  There are six books to enjoy in this series.

Vampire Academy

Cover for Vampire Academy

St. Vladimir’s Academy  is a boarding school for Vampires and half-human dhamphirs. Main characters Rose and Lissa are returning there after running away the previous year. Rose is guardian to full-vampire Lissa. All the students at the school train to defeat the Strigoi, who are evil, undead vampires. Forbidden romance, magic, powerful psychic bonds, and both good and evil vampires can be found in this popular series. There are six books to enjoy in the Vampire Academy series.

Xoe Meyers Young Adult Fantasy/Horror Series 

Cover image of Xoe

The Xoe Meyers series is a coming-of-age story touched with the supernatural. Xoe has lots of problems in her life, including werewolves, vampires and demons. The typical fare for Young Adult Urban Fantasy, which only makes growing up even more complicated than it already is. There are seven books to enjoy in this highly rated series.

The Soulkeepers Series

Cover of Soulkeepers Book One

Soulkeepers starts with a literal bang – an awful car accident – and a missing mother. Fifteen year old protagonist Jacob Lau is desperate to find his mother after their accident. Desperate enough to agree to become a soulkeeper at the request of his neighbor in exchange for information. But the deal doesn’t turn out to be that simple, and Jacob may be trapped.  Six books cover the tales of the Soulkeepers in this series of angels, demons, souls and fate.

There’s five new series to try!

Have you read any or all of these before? Do you like to read Young Adult Urban Fantasy? Have any others to let us know about? Comment below and start a discussion!


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