Urban-Fantasy.com Guest Contributor Intro: Morgon Newquist

Hello, my name is Morgon Newquist and I will be one of your guest contributors here at Urban-Fantasy.com! I’ll pop in here and there with reviews, lists, and occasionally some discussions. All related to Urban Fantasy, of course!

I can’t really recall when I directly got into Urban Fantasy as a subgenre. My guess would be high school, but I’ve been reading it for years. But I guess it depends on how loosely you interpret the genre! I know for sure I started reading Harry Potter when I was thirteen.

Because I’ll have whole posts dedicated to it I won’t go into my favorites and my thoughts too much here,  but I love MHI and The Dresden Files. I also love Urban Fantasy TV shows like Supernatural, Grimm, and Once Upon A Time. One benefit of joining up as a contributor is now I have an excuse to binge watch all the shows on Netflix that I haven’t seen yet, and claim that it is for work! That’s a win, even if I have to fold clothes while I do it.

My pleasure reading time is limited but Fantasy and Urban Fantasy are my go to books, so I am looking forward to spending the time reading some of my favorites and sharing my thoughts with you.

I am a writer and editor at Silver Empire. I’m currently working on my first novel, Serenity City, which is scheduled for release this summer. It is a Superhero novel, so I am very excited about that. I have a fantasy short stories series called The School of Spells and War that is currently available on Amazon, as well as a number of published short stories. You can find my Amazon profile here!

And what about when I’m not frolicking about in all things Urban Fantasy?

I spend most of my time homeschooling and taking care of my four children. I cram in writing time whenever I can. When I’m not doing that I enjoy cooking, reading about cooking, playing video games, teaching myself to sew, and watching The Great British Baking Show.

I’m looking forward to jumping into the wide and deep world of Urban Fantasy with you all!

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