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As you can imagine, we’re all pretty excited around here today as we launch this new website. As fans of the urban fantasy genre, I imagine that you are too.

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In the days, weeks and months ahead we are planning on exploring as much of it as we possibly can.

Reviews of books, movies and television shows that delve into the realm of urban fantasy will fill this site. As will news related to the genre including pending releases and what the movers and shakers in urban fantasy are up to.

The staff will be providing you with plenty of news and information that we find interesting. In the coming days I would like for you, our readers, to let us know what you’d like to hear about regarding this genre.

We’d also like to hear from creators in the genre about what new projects they will be releasing in the future. So feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and I will be listening very closely to what you have to say.

Who Am I?

This leads me to introduce myself and tell you who I am aside from being the Managing Editor here at Urban-Fantasy.com.

After spending over two decades in the newspaper business as both a writer and an editor I decided to put on my fiction writing hat about seven years ago.

A #1 Bestseller for Horror Anthologies on Amazon among urban fantasy titles

Silver Empire’s Secret Stairs has been a wild urban fantasy success.

Since then I have released several books and I’ve written many more short stories that have appeared in – or will soon be appearing in – anthologies of mystery, science fiction and fantasy.

Most recently a story of mine appeared in Secret Stairs: Tribute to Urban Legend (Silver Empire, 2018). It was my first official foray into the genre of urban fantasy and I have to admit, of all of the short stories I have written so far, Nothing Ever Happens Here is my favorite.

The other 33 stories that make up the collection are amazing in their own right and I imagine many of the stories that did not make the cut were very good as well. I am glad I wasn’t the editor having to make the call on which ones got cut.

A Prelude To Urban Fantasy

Now I say the Nothing Ever Happens Here was my first official urban fantasy story but in a way, it isn’t my first at all.

Because the story of mysterious stairs in the woods that send unsuspecting passers-by on unimaginable adventures – which was the basic premise of Secret Stairs – was something I had explored before without realizing it at the time.

My award-winning sci-fi novel, Escaping Infinity, was a secret stairs book and I didn’t realize it until over a year after it was released. A hotel (stairs) out in the middle of nowhere (woods) and an unsuspecting traveler stumbles across it.

Yep, I’d ventured into urban fantasy and never realized it.

Exploring Our Urban Fantasy Universe

That type of discovery is what I hope all of you will share in on this site. In this age of massive information online we hope to point you in the right direction for books, movies, shows and so much more involving urban fantasy.

Whether you are a long-time fan of the genre or, like me, a relative newcomer there should be something here for all. So, keep checking in to see what our talented group of contributors has to share.

And, if you should happen to find yourself walking alone in a remote wooded area and you happen to come across a set of stairs that seemingly lead to nowhere… well, don’t say we didn’t try to warn you if you should decide to climb them.

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